PRESERVE YOUR MEMORIES: Sponsor a Bench at a HeadWaters Nature Preserve

Create a lasting tribute to your loved ones while supporting the preservation of nature. HeadWaters Land Conservancy is offering an opportunity to sponsor a bench for just $100, which includes a personalized memorial name plate.

Honor the memory of a loved one or celebrate a special occasion with a dedicated bench in our serene preserve. Contribute to the enhancement of our community spaces, providing comfortable resting spots for visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature. Leave a legacy for future generations, making a positive impact on the environment and the people who visit.

For $100, your sponsorship includes a beautifully crafted bench and a customized memorial nameplate. Choose your preferred preserve to have the bench placed. However, please note that the number of benches is limited per preserve, so act fast to secure your spot. Help us build a strong sense of community by joining our team of volunteer builders. Your valuable contributions will bring these benches to life. 

Every bench sponsored not only adds comfort and beauty to our preserves but also helps us continue our mission of protecting and conserving the natural wonders that surround us. Your support strengthens our community's bond with nature, ensuring that future generations can experience the tranquility and awe that these preserved spaces offer.


  • Sturgeon River-0
  • Lake Avalon-0
  • Big Lake-0
  • Porcupine Run-3
  • Hess-0
  • Dault-2
  • Blackbird Marsh-2
  • Luneack-3

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