Ivy Big Lake

Ivy Obuchowski

Outreach and Stewardship Ambassador

2023 AmeriCorps Member

Ivy is a Huron Pines AmeriCorps member serving a second term with HeadWaters Land Conservancy for the next ten months. Their first service term was spent with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa where they served on a crew that focused on habitat restoration in the Minnesota Valley region. They are excited to be reacquainted with Michigan and how to best serve the communities in northern Michigan through their position as Stewardship and Outreach Ambassador.

Originally from metro Detroit, Ivy has spent time in northern Michigan visiting their grandparents’ cottage in Roscommon County two to three times a year. They’ve also spent a summer at the University of Michigan Biological Station studying the ecology of northern Michigan and field mammalogy in Emmet County.

In 2020, Ivy became interested in birds as they recorded wildlife observations for one of their classes and is now an avid birder. Their favorite bird thus far is the white-breasted nuthatch though the trumpeter swan is a close second after seeing the spring migration in Minnesota last year.