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Blackbird Marsh

Alpena County


In late 2022, Headwaters was approached by the Thunderbay Audubon Society to take ownership of a property in Alpena County. With the help of the Thunderbay Audubon Society, we named it Blackbird Marsh as an homage to the scores of Red-wing Blackbirds that flock there in the Spring. We plan to build an ADA viewing platform for birdwatching and general access. 


Blackbird Marsh Nature Preserve consists of a dense conifer ridge which gives way to Long Lake Creek. The creek bed is rich with cattails, duck weed, and lily pads. The perfect place for a Redwing Blackbird to call home.

Planning a Visit

As this property is newly acquired there are currently no trails. When visiting please be careful entering the property as there is a drop in elevation and very soft ground closer to the creek. 

Please enjoy

hiking, birdwatching, snowshoeing, and similar low-impact activities. The creek is not large enough for water vessels of any kind.

Please refrain

from camping, fires, dumping or littering, hunting, trapping, removal of vegetation, off-road vehicles, and snowmobiling.

Directions from Alpena
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