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Board of Directors

John Dallas HWLC
John Dallas

“I am involved with HWLC because I want my grandchildren to enjoy the Michigan I grew up in. Protecting northeast Michigan’s lands also means protecting a way of life that is closer to the land.”
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James Supina-Chairperson 

“A part of Michigan that is comparably undeveloped is northeast Michigan. It defines its character. Protecting these lands is important to me and for future generations to come.”
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Virginia Pierce

“I serve on the HWLC Board of Directors because I am convinced that protection of our wild lands here in northeast Michigan from over-development can only be achieved through voluntary efforts by landowners who understand our critical connection to the natural world. If we conserve enough of the important land and waters here, our progeny will have what we have loved about this area.”
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Martha Eberly- Secretary, Vice Chairperson

“Being on HWLC’s Board of Directors gives me an opportunity to impact the preservation of Michigan land in perpetuity. When I see development of pristine places I regret the loss of flora and fauna. I hope future generations can enjoy the wild Michigan as I have.”
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Mike Mang-Emeritus

“HWLC has an important role to play in the preservation of natural ecosystems in northeast Michigan. In 2001 the Michigan Economic and Environmental Roundtable published the Michigan Land Resource Project report. Land use trends at the time painted a dire future for both the environment and economy of Michigan due to the loss of forestland and farmland to sprawl development. For me, it was easy to conclude why HWLC’s work to preserve our natural resources through conservation easements is so important.”
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Robb Smith-Treasurer

“Joining the Headwaters Land Conservancy Board gives me the opportunity to help preserve, protect and educate others about Michigan’s land, waters and special places.  There is nothing I love more than to be out of doors in northern Michigan and I look forward to serving with so many wonderful people for such an important cause.”

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Keith Martell

“I want to help HeadWaters care for the forests, land, and water of northeast Michigan while helping people consider the importance of succession of ownership for their land.  The relationships people have with each other can affect the land in ways that can’t often be predicted.  Planning for the future of your land with your family and others will help us conserve the places we love, for the people we love.”

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Jeff Twyman

“Land conservation worldwide is critical to the survival of our species. Within the AuSable river drainage, the broad corridors, and prominent ridges constitute a unique and important environmental, cultural, scientific, agricultural, educational, recreational, scenic, flood water and wildlife resource that should be preserved for the enjoyment of and appreciation by, present and future generations.”

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Frank Ruswick

“It has never been more important for us to realize that we are all part of the natural world.  By protecting and enhancing the understanding of natural features, the HWLC plays a crucial role in that endeavor for northeast Michigan.   And as a Board Member,  I am honored to contribute to it.”

Frank Ruswick is retired from the State of Michigan where he capped a career of over thirty years as a leader in natural resource and environmental policy.  Frank is currently an Instructor for Great Lakes Leadership Academy where he focuses on group dynamics, organizational theory, and strategic thinking.  He also recently assisted the Institute of Water Research at Michigan State University by providing strategic and policy advice for the Institute’s multidisciplinary programs addressing contemporary land and water resource issues.

        Board of Directors: (l-r) John Dallas, Keith Martell, Virginia Pierce, Martha Eberly, Jim Supina, Frank Ruswick and Robb Smith. Missing: Bill Anderson and Jeff Twyman. 

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