Ways to Give

Gifts of securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds are especially advantageous if you hold a security such as stock that has increased in value since you acquired it. By making a gift of stock held longer than one year, you completely avoid paying capital gains tax. In addition, you would receive an income tax deduction for the current market value of the gift. You may deduct gifts totaling up to 30% of your adjusted gross income in any year, with a five-year carry-over for any excess.


Vehicle Donations

HeadWaters accepts vehicle donations which can be in the form or cars, campers, snowmobiles and ORVs. We use a third party organization that handles all the logistics from pick-up to sale. If you are interested in donating a vehicle please follow the link below.

Planned Giving

Northeast Michigan is near and dear to so many, spending time raising families or simply enjoying the land. Everyone has a connection to the land they hold sacred. From the annual family reunion to hunting camp there are memories intertwined in these special places.As you cherish these memories and the land attached, you might consider how to best protect your favorite hiking trails, forests and coastlines into the future.

While planned gifts take many forms, they result from careful planning and an intention to make a lasting gift. These could include bequests made in a will, naming HeadWaters Land Conservancy as a life insurance beneficiary, or using tax-wise giving options such as charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts.

Conservancy supporters who have made planned gifts have had an extraordinary impact on our work. Planned gifts fund our endowment, ensuring our continued long term success and stability while helping HeadWaters Land Conservancy steward our nature preserves, monitor our perpetual conservation easements, and continue to preserve significant natural and scenic lands in northeast Michigan.

Please contact us to find out what option might work best for you.

HelloStock and Bond Certificates

If you hold stocks or bonds in certificate form, you may send the certificates via registered mail to HeadWaters Land Conservancy at the address below. Please leave the back of the certificate blank and don’t endorse it.

HeadWaters Land Conservancy
Attn: Executive Director
110 South Elm Ave.
Gaylord, MI 49735

Separately, in a second envelope via regular first-class mail, send us one stock power for each stock certificate. You may download a stock power form or obtain stock powers from your bank or broker. Be sure to sign the power exactly as you’re listed on the face of the certificate.

When you fill out the stock power form(s), please leave the assignment blank to facilitate our selling the shares. You will need to sign each form and fill in the description of the stock. Enclose a dated letter which identifies the stock and includes your signature as it appears on the certificate and/or stock power.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds make excellent gifts and offer the same tax benefits as gifts of stocks or bonds. If your mutual funds are held by your broker or banker, or are in certificate form, please use the procedure for stocks or bonds explained above. If your mutual funds are held by the fund company, you may write a dated letter to the fund, indicating your account number and instructing them to transfer the shares to:

HeadWaters Land Conservancy
Attn: Executive Director
110 South Elm Ave.
Gaylord, MI 40735

Your letter should be signed and your signature guaranteed by your broker or banker. Enclose a copy of your latest statement if possible.

Send your letter by certified mail (and return receipt requested if you would like to have proof of its delivery).

Note: Most mutual fund companies have a toll-free number for shareholder questions. You may want to call them to confirm the above procedure before mailing your authorization letter.

Donations to HeadWaters Land Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.
If you would like more information on gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds, please contact HeadWaters Land Conservancy.

HeadWaters Land Conservancy

110 South Elm Avenue

Gaylord, MI 49735

Phone: (989) 731-0573