Elaine Carlson

May 2015_2166“I hope the mission of HeadWaters can guide decision makers on the importance of open space, beauty in undeveloped landscapes, need for biodiversity, and clean air and water”.

After 31 years as a Wildlife Biologist with the Michigan DNR, Elaine’s dedication to Michigan’s wildlife and the preservation of their habitats is a valuable asset to the HeadWaters Land Conservancy’s Land Stewardship Committee.  An active community member Elaine volunteers with many local conservation groups such as the Montmorency Conservation District (board member), Montmorency County Conservation Club, Huron Pines Kirtland’s Warbler Initiative, and the MDNR (volunteer wildlife surveys). Elaine has been volunteering with HWLC since 2011 and has had a tremendous effect by helping to create organizational protocols and sharing her expertise on land management issues. As a certified Volunteer Land Steward Elaine enjoys working with private landowners, helping them to better understand the impact their preserved property can have on the local flora and fauna. In her free time Elaine and her husband Tom of 35 years, can be found outdoors enjoying the wonderful landscapes that they have worked so hard to protect.



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