Virginia Pierce

Chairwoman-HeadWaters Land Conservancy

Virginia Pierce HWLC

“I serve on the HWLC Board of Directors because I am convinced that protection of our wild lands here in northeast Michigan from over-development can only be achieved through voluntary efforts by landowners who understand our critical connection to the natural world. If we conserve enough of the important land and waters here, our progeny will have what we have loved about this area.”

Master of Science in Wildlife Biology, Michigan State University
Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology; Minored in Chemistry
Officer and Co-Owner of EcoLogic (a natural resource management and land use planning company)
Retired from the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Environmental Quality
Past President and Co-Founder of Michigan Resource Stewards
Former Board Member- Michigan Land Use Institute
Commissioner- Ocqueoc River Watershed Commission
Conservation Easement Landowner

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