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Do you have an inspiring photo of one of Michigan’s special places? Maybe an essay or poem you wrote about a special place you go with your family? If you have an inspiring written piece, or picture of a special place in northeast Michigan, we invite you to share it with us. We will be accepting submissions for our What Inspires You? section of our website. We need your help showing people why Michigan’s special places are so important and why we are in the business of protecting them. Submissions we receive will featured on our website and used to communicate the impact of special, protected places.

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Ode to the Log. By: Glen A. Eberly

  November, 2006 As I sit on the high bank and watch the log, Yesteryear floods my mind’s eye. A tall broad shouldered oak guards the run, Where the amber clear water of a classic trout stream, Slides over water soaked remnants of the logging era, Of six score years ago. The brilliant brook trout […]

Au Sable River Winter Sunset Photo By: Gary Gee

Au Sable River Winter Sunset Photo By: GARY GEE  

Friends in Nature

I truly enjoyed spending the afternoon with you. You and I are a lot alike I fear. Both find peace and tranquility in nature. We don’t have to fire a shot or catch a trout to enjoy what to others might seem a waste of time and energy.

The Au Sable Valley – A Unique Place

By John Dallas A portion of Headwaters Land Conservancy’s service area is the Au Sable Rivershed, which stretches from southwest of Gaylord to Oscoda.  The area is known for its fishing, hunting and recreational opportunities.  However, it also has a number of unique features and historic attributes.  For birdwatchers there is the Kirtland’s Warbler – […]

Gray Fox Photo By: Mike Mang

The gray fox is a peppery gray on top, reddish-brown on its sides, chest and the back of its head. Its legs and feet are also a reddish color. It has a long bushy tail with a black stripe on top. The gray fox has pointed ears, a pointed muzzle and long hooked claws. The gray […]

Photos By: Jim Mayer

Jim Mayer is an excellent amateur photographer who loves photographing the local flora and fauna.

“There is nothing that I love more than to be out of doors in northern Michigan”

“The land belongs to the future”

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