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Big Lake Preserve

HEADWATERS LAND CONSERVANCY works hard to balance the public uses offered at the Big Lake Preserve. Our goal is to protect the preserve’s natural integrity and scenic beauty for future generations. Recreational, educational, and scientific use of the preserve is encouraged, as long as it does not interfere with our primary goals of preservation and protection. We welcome you to explore and enjoy our beautiful preserve, keeping in mind that you are a temporary visitor to the homes of many plants and animals.

Please enjoy:

Hiking, snowshoeing, bird watching and other low impact recreational or educational activities and remember to keep an eye out for events! Visit and our Facebook page.

Please refrain from the following activities:

Camping, fires, dumping, littering, removing  vegetation, motorized vehicles, snowmobiling, horseback riding, hunting and biking.

Big Lake Preserve Facts

One land type in particular dominates the Big Lake Preserve, this being a pitted out-wash plain with the excessively drained sand. The preserve contains four major community types, a Northern Hardwood Forest, a Transitional Zone, a Lowland Mixed Community, and a Bog.

8. 26 acres in size

523.75’ of shoreline along Big Lake

WILDLIFE: Beaver, Porcupine, White-tailed deer, Chipmunk, Red Squirrel, Raccoon.

BIRDS: Ruffed Grouse, Chickadee, Phoebe, Pileated Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker

REPTILES & AMPIBIANS: Green Frog, Northern Leopard Frog, Spring Peeper, Eastern American Toad, Red- Backed Salamander, Painted Turtle, Eastern Garter Snake.

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