Ways to give…

HeadWaters Land Conservancy welcomes and appreciates gifts of any size. Your support allows us to continue to concentrate and strengthen our efforts to protect significant land throughout northeast Michigan. Together, we all can permanently protect our Michigan land for the benefit of our communities, and for generations to come.

Charitable donations to HeadWaters Land Conservancy are a lasting gift to the preservation of the beauty, heritage, and wildlife of northern Michigan. One-hundred percent of your donation is spent to conserve local land and to assure the terms of conservation agreements are enforced in perpetuity.


Bequests – In your will or trust, you can leave a specific parcel of land or a percentage of your estate to create a charitable bequest to HeadWaters Land Conservancy.

Retirement Accounts and Annuities – Many retirement accounts, other than Roth IRAs, have income tax implications when passed to a beneficiary. HeadWaters Land Conservancy pays no income tax on retirement account assets that are transferred upon your death when named as a beneficiary on your IRA or 401K plan. Annuities can also carry income tax liabilities to your family and are great assets to transfer to HeadWaters Land Conservancy as well. Generally, adjusting your beneficiary on these types of accounts is easy and can be done with a simple form.


Revocable Living Trust – These are tools which can protect the privacy of your estate. These trusts can detail your wishes, keep assets from going through probate court, handle your charitable intentions, and provide protections for trust beneficiaries.

Charitable Remainder Trust – These trusts provide income benefits upon formation and are structured to permit the sale of assets within the trust without taxation. Income streams are paid to you or your family for extended periods. At the termination of the trust, HeadWaters Land Conservancy receives the balance of the trust without taxation.

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Required IRA Distributions – Many of our donors are required to take annual distributions from their retirement accounts once they turn 70 or 72 (the rule has been changed). Individuals are now permitted to direct up to $100,000 of their IRA during their lifetime to HeadWaters Land Conservancy without any taxes owed at the time of distribution. This serves to not only reduce the value of your taxable IRA, but it also reduces the amount you are required to take as a taxable distribution. It is easy to do and can be arranged by you through the holder of your IRA account.

Endowments and Charitable Funds – HeadWaters Land Conservancy operates an endowment fund for long-term sustainable cash needs and other funds which are set up for both specific and general purposes. Endowment funds establish a permanent asset base for generating a long-term stream of income for HeadWaters Land Conservancy.


HeadWaters Land Conservancy – Founded in 1993, the mission of HeadWaters Land Conservancy is to protect the natural diversity and beauty of northeast Michigan by preserving significant land and scenic areas while fostering appreciation and understanding of the environment. We protect over 12,000 acres of land across our 11-county service area.

You can also become a sustainer through setting up a monthly recurring donation. This can be done using Paypal below or by calling our office to set it up with a staff member.

If you are making a donation in memory of a loved one please call the number listed below or email land@headwatersconservancy.org with the loved ones information.

HeadWaters Land Conservancy
110 South Elm Avenue, Gaylord, MI 49735
Phone: (989) 731-0573

EIN: 38-3183846

Donations to HeadWaters Land Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.