Privacy Policy

HeadWaters Land Conservancy (HWLC) values the privacy of our members and all users of our services, including this website. HWLC collects information to help us better serve you and the nonprofit sector. It is our policy to collect and store only personal information that is knowingly provided to us. We do not share personally identifiable information, except when persons consent to HWLC sharing personally identifiable information for a specific purpose.

This Privacy Policy explains our practices regarding the collection of information from this website that can personally identify you and/or your organization, and the choices you can make about how your information is collected and used.

Personal Information Collected

HWLC collects and stores contact information from individuals as it is knowingly provided to us, including email addresses. We use this information to contact individuals via email and mail with additional resources that might be of interest, including upcoming events and trainings, new publications, or other resources. You may choose at any time not to provide personally identifiable information, although this may restrict our ability to provide requested services or information.

HWLC may use or share your personal information where it is necessary to complete a transaction or to do something that you have explicitly asked us to do. HWLC uses other third parties such as a credit card processing company to process fees, dues, and purchase payments for services and goods. These third parties are prohibited from using your personally identifiable information for promotional purposes.

The following are examples of personally identifiable information that you may volunteer to provide and examples of how we use such information.

  • Email Addresses – HWLC collects email addresses from those that create online user accounts, register for events, or subscribe to emails. HWLC may use your email address to send you emails from HWLC, including marketing emails, member updates, or email newsletters. All such emails include an unsubscribe link that you may use to remove your email address from the list. HWLC does not distribute email addresses to third parties, with the exceptions outlined in the Organizational Information Collected section below.
  • Mailing Addresses – HWLC collects mailing addresses of those that register for events or purchase items or services. HWLC may send via mail member newsletters, brochures or other promotional items. 
  • Workplace Information and/or Organization Affiliation – Those who create online HWLC user accounts, register for HWLC events, or subscribe to HWLC emails often provide information about where they work, their job title or areas of interest, and organization information such as membership on a board of directors or role as a volunteer. HWLC uses this information solely to facilitate information sharing between HWLC and the individual. Individual workplace information and individual organization affiliation information is not distributed by HWLC on this website or elsewhere, and is not shared with third parties without the consent of the individual, with the exceptions below in the section Organization Information Collected and Third Party Uses.
  • Financial Data Security – HWLC does not disclose credit card account information provided by members and other users of our services. When members and other customers make an online payment to HWLC by credit card, all of the information in the transaction is submitted directly to a secure credit card processor.


HWLC takes photographs and videos during public events and solicits photographs and videos from our members that are representative of their work, and occasionally distributes these photos and videos for distribution via this website, social media, and in print material such as our organizational newsletter. Photos and videos are taken by HWLC, or by persons authorized by HWLC to take photos and videos on HWLC’s behalf, in public settings during public events. We make every effort to obtain implied or specific consent from individuals for photos and videos taken at public events. HWLC also takes photos and videos at non-public events and in these settings makes every effort to obtain appropriate distribution and usage permissions from those photographed or videotaped.