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Dault Nature Preserve


Level C preserve-no assistance required for entry


The Dault Nature Preserve was donated to HWLC in 1996. It is a small property with a big personality. Situated north of Alpena, Dault is located off Evergreen Highway in the area known as Tanglewood which is appropriate considering one of the unique characteristics of Dault are the twisted cedars found throughout the property.

Dault is 8 acres comprised of mostly cedar wetland with many rare orchids and wild flowers. The cedars are old and twisted from growing in extremely wet mucky soil.


8 Acres


90% Tawas Muck

7% Roscommon Muck

Northern coniferous wetland


Dault does not have a parking area, visitors must park on the shoulder of the road for access. There is a trail leading into the center, it is a wetland so proper footwear is necessary year round.

Vegetation is characteristic of a Northern Coniferous Wetland and is dominated by regenerating White Cedar and Tamarack approximately twenty to twenty-five years in age.  A few fifty-year-old specimens occur on the east end of the property, along with a few mature White Pines on the higher elevation west end of the property-all of which were left remaining as seed trees at the last forest cutting.  Sub species included in the forest mix are: Balsam Fir, Spruce, and Hemlock conifers, along with deciduous White and Yellow Birch trees.  A solitary Weeping Willow was found along the roadway.

Wild flowers are present in the open areas, primarily Golden Rod, Queen Anne’s Lace, Gentian, and several Aster varieties.  Wildflowers noted in the wetlands were Marsh Marigold, Water Lobelia, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, and Dwarf Iris. Other herbaceous plants such as Pitchers, Skunk Cabbage, Orchids, and a variety of spring ephemera would also occur in these wetlands.

Dault Preserve Flowers

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