Families Find Fun Geocaching at the Sturgeon River Preserve!

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS device (handheld GPS unit or GPS-enabled smart phone) played by people around the world.  Participants navigate to a given set of latitude and longitude coordinates, then attempt to find the cache (container) hidden at that location.  Geocaches can vary greatly in size and appearance—they can be anything from a 5-gallon bucket to a film canister.

HWLC recently hid two geocaches at the Sturgeon River Preserve that are registered with the official geocaching website, www.geocaching.com To find the coordinates for the caches at the preserve, go to www.geocaching.com, and type in Vanderbilt, MI where it says “Search for Nearby Geocaches.”  HWLC’s caches are called SRP #2 and SRP #4.  Searching for geocaches near your home might help you find a cool new trail or park that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise!

HWLC hid the geocaches at the Sturgeon River Preserve to encourage people to visit the preserve and hike the trails, and it seems to be working!  A few geocaching.com users have posted their finds online, we find new signatures in the cache logs every week!

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