Protecting the Great Au Sable River

Introducing our 81st Conservation Easement

Conservation easements are one of the most powerful, effective tools available for the permanent conservation of private lands in the United States. The use of conservation easements has successfully protected millions of acres of wildlife habitat and open space, keeping land in private hands and offering significant public benefits. Together land trusts in Michigan have protected nearly 600,000 acres and counting. HeadWaters Land Conservancy is proud to offer landowners the expertise and tools needed to protect significant land throughout northeast Michigan. With each and every acre we protect we are strengthening the collective efforts of land conservancies throughout the state, while protecting the “Up North” we all enjoy.

It is with great pride that we announce the addition of our 81st conservation easement, the Shaw Conservation Easement. With over 1,000 feet of undeveloped frontage on the North Branch of the Au Sable River, a State designated “Natural River” the Shaw easement property provides a vital corridor for wetland and upland wildlife. These corridors serve as a connection for wildlife movement and create a natural “greenway.” The property also includes significant habitat in which fish, plants and the ecosystems that support them thrive in a natural state. The close proximity to State of Michigan forest land with similarly natural character helps connect the landscape, preserving the existing habitat and scenic views.

For more information on how you can share in the tradition of preserving vital land in northern Michigan contact HeadWaters Land Conservancy at (989) 731-0573.

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