Forest School Fridays – Nature Scavenger Hunt

On the last Friday of July, I went out to the Sturgeon River Preserve to host the final Forest School Friday of 2022.

I created a bingo sheet with photos of objects and plants from around the preserve – including some of the familiar faces in the fairy garden- for the kids to find and cross out. They had a great time spotting pieces of nature on and off the list!

They also built off their knowledge from the other sessions of forest school; they found both geocaches at the Sturgeon, they brought their nature journals, and they told me all about river macroinvertebrates.

It was so rewarding to see kids who really enjoy being outside and will keep that enjoyment as they grow up.

It was a great way to close out our Forest School!

Rhi Erhardt

Stewardship Technician

HeadWaters Land Conservancy

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