Forest School Friday- River Life

On Friday, July 22nd the 3rd installment of forest school took place along the banks of the Sturgeon River at the Headwaters’ Sturgeon River Preserve.

We taught the kids all about river features like pools and riffles, then measured the temperature and pH of the Sturgeon! Sam Cornelius, Kids Outdoors Otsego cofounder, and I waded in with nets and collected macroinvertebrates from the sites the students selected. Using tweezers, syringes, and magnifying glasses the small scientists caught and identified scuds (side-swimmers), aquatic worms, snail shells, midge larvae, stonefly larvae, mayfly larvae, dobsonfly larvae, and water striders!

They were excited to learn that finding Stonefly larvae indicates a healthy river. Afterwards we went back to the trailhead, where students colored fish hats to take home, and took a quick hike to check on last week’s fairy garden. 

It was wonderful to be able to show the students what a healthy, functioning river ecosystem looks like and how preserving land like the Sturgeon River Preserve helps keep it that way. 

Libby Benjamin

Director of Conservation

HeadWaters Land Conservancy

(photo credit to Sam Cornelius and Ana Kolb)

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